Cooperation Offers

The following variants of cooperation are possible:
  • selling of licenses and patents;
  • "know-how" availability of a subject of invention;
  • organization of joint production;
  • granting of hard currency support for further wind dam development and production.
We have certain difficulties in performing detailed technical calculations, natural observation and development of pilot project. These difficulties are caused by absence of funding (we need about $15-17 thousands). Your financial and scientific-technical participation will enable to proceed to practical utilization of wind dams. The donation of any kind (money, ideas, advice) is accepted. Outgoing can be executed through the Western Union system. In exchange for this participation you will obtain all available documentation to use it for your purposes.

Please, send your proposals at the following E-mail address:
Postal address: A.N.Makarenko, P.O.Box 760, Kyiv-142, 252142, Ukraine.