Technical and Economic Advantages

The "Wind dam" offered by us is intended for electric power production on the industrial scale.

The industrial electric power production is connected with a number of problems. It is evident that the maximal power output on the wind turbine axis is proportionate to the sectional area of the air current captured by the wind turbine rotor rotating i.e. to the squared radius of the rotor. So, the industrial electric power production is possible for a wind power plant with a large wind turbine rotor diameter. However, there are purely physical limitations for the wind turbine's size. Moreover, the wind power plant with the large wind turbine and high tower is a construction which is expensive both in operation and erection. And the larger the wind turbine's size is, the higher the bottom boundary line of the operational wind speeds interval is, i.e. the rotor does not rotate, when the wind is weak. So, the idle time of the wind engine because of weak winds for large wind turbines is considerably longer.

The solution offered by us - the change of the large wind turbine for a complex of medium sized wind turbine + wind dam - practically removed the said problems and considerably improved the efficiency of the wind power plant.

The possibility of the industrial energy production is determined by the cost of erection and operation of the wind power plant. To make them cheaper the wind dam offered by us is performed not in the form of artificial concrete and steel constructions but in the form of tree plantings. This solution allows to reduce the expenses for creation and operation of the wind dam to minimum. The territory occupied by the wind dam remains open for its usage in agriculture. If it is poplars (whose growth for some breeds is 2-3 m per year) that are used as tree plantings, the useful effect can be expected already in 5-6 years, which is quite comparable in terms of time with the erection of artificial constructions of a similar size. If the plantings are properly cared of (watered, fertilized and stimulated) the useful effect can be achieved much earlier.

The preliminary estimations made by us show that the wind dam with the radius of 150 m gives 6-7 times increase of power. If it is combined with the wind turbine with the rotor radius of 20m (which is equal to the height of the plantings) the power of the wind turbine will increase and come to 300 kW, which is equivalent to the wind turbine costing $300,000. That is, even the simple estimation shows that the electric power cost will be 6 times lower than the usual cost and the wind power will be quite competitive.

Another positive feature of the wind dam is its increased longevity which comes to decades but not 20 years as in the case of the wind turbine. It is also necessary to point out the unique ecological features and operational safety of the dam.