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IPC: F03D 3/02
Authors: N.G. Makarenko, A.N.Makarenko
Date of application to the Patent Office of Ukraine: Apr.24,1997
Patent of Ukraine #24464A
Date of issue: Jul.21, 1998

Invention subject: The device represents a system of radially positioned, narrowed towards the wind turbine 1 wind conductors 2 which are formed by the radially positioned in relation to the wind turbine 2 partitions 3. The partitions are tree plantings whose size and number depends on the necessary power of the power plant.

In areas with different year averaged speed of wind depending on the wind direction, the length of partition shall be in inverse proportion to the normal speeds of wind in specified directions. In order to prevent the turbulent air stream movement, the shorter air stream stabilizing partitions 4 are placed between the main partitions 3.

The version of a wind dam for areas with obviously pronounced air stream directivity (e.g., in seaside country) may provide two or three wind conductors of opposite direction, which will allow to reduce the costs of wind dam construction and operation.

The partitions direct air streams passing through the separate sectors of wind dam towards the rotor of wind turbine, thus concentrating the power of such air streams. The short air stream stabilizing partitions decrease the angle of air stream fall, thus favoring the laminar movement of air flow and preventing it from turbulence, which allows to form the air stream with better parameters.

Technical Result: The present wind dam is preferable for Darrieus-type wind rotor, as far as it directs an air stream towards rotor along the straight line instead of tangential direction, thus increasing efficiency of a plant. Differentiation of the wind conductor sizes favors the narrowing of the wind speed range in the vicinity of wind turbine, which results in increase of the wind dam efficiency, as far as it reaches its maximal value within the certain range of working wind speeds. The rational utilization of an area occupied by a wind dam allows to reduced the costs of its construction.

Summary of Invention

The wind dam consisting of the wind conductors placed around the wind turbine and made from the wind conducting partitions in the form of tree plantings, wherein, in contrast to the other designs, in order to increase the plant efficiency, the wind stream conducting partitions are radially arranged around the wind turbine and are of different length, which shall be in inverse proportion to the normal speeds of wind in relevant directions, and are provided also with the shorter wind stream stabilizing partitions arranged along the radial directions with respect to the wind turbine.