IPC: F03D 3/02
Author: N.G. Makarenko
Date of application to the Patent Office of Ukraine: Aug.08, 1994
Patent of Ukraine #14826
Date of issue: Oct.30, 1998

Invention subject: The wind dam is positioned around the wind turbine 1 and represents the system of wind conductors 2 radially positioned around the wind turbine which are narrowed towards the wind turbine and formed by the tangentially positioned in relation to the outer edge of the wind turbine air current guiding partitions 3 being performed in the form of forest strips whose size and number depends on the necessary power of the wind turbine.


Their core 4 is performed by one or more rows of thickly planted, wind-proof, tall, quickly growing tree breeds (poplar and others). At the sides for the purpose of protection against windfall it is possible to plant a wind-proof forest edge 5 from small tree breeds having a deep root system. The presence of the forest edge is not obligatory. The wind current flows through certain sectors of the wind dam depending on the wind direction, is guided by the tangentially positioned partitions to the rotor's blades and accelerated in the narrowed ends of the wind conductors. As a result, the wind turbine uses the current's energy in the increased amount as compared with the normal energy that might be in this place without contraction of the current by the wind dam.

Technical Result: The technology of creation and operation of the wind dam is characterized by ecological cleanness, does not require large labor and material expenses because it excludes usage of construction materials and the area occupied by the wind conductors can be used in agriculture.

Summary of Invention

The wind dam consists of radially positioned, narrowed towards the wind turbine wind conductors which are formed by the partitions tangentially positioned in a circle in relation to the outer edge of the wind turbine. It is distinguished by the feature that for the purpose of reduction of the expenses for concentration of the wind current on the wind turbine the partitions are performed in the form of forest strips.